Sara Carroll

Pictured in the photos:

Lt William Franklin Newton, Jr:
b June 28, 1895 Dothan, AL
d Dec 13, 1950

His father, WFN, Sr, was born near Beulah Church,
on the north side of present day Dothan. His mother,
Alice Powell Newton, was born in Sumter County, Ga.

Sara English Owens Newton
b Nov 6, 1899 in Dothan
d Apr 16, 1985
Her parents were Celeste Box Owens and James Gary “Montana” Owens.

Sara married William Franklin Newton, Jr. on Dec 22, 1920. They had two children: Marguerite Newton Sullivan and Sara Newton Carroll.

After the photos is a short bio of William Franklin Newton, Jr. and a letter he sent home from France while he was serving in WWI.

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