Roddy James

You know I was really thinking about, something I could– pictures I could take that would symbolize Dothan, you know, and the days I’ve spent here. I was just taking pictures of my mother’s, yeah that was my mother’s building. And, uh, we use to climb that as kids, yeah yeah we used to climb that tower as kids. Oh, that’s the bracket, we just tried to– see our football teams and everything, like the college football teams. That’s all my paperwork, that’s my blood pressure pills, that’s my wallet, that’s the magazine I was reading, and then right here, that’s an ink pen I was writing notes and everything. I was trying to –me and my friend, compare our wins and losses. It was fun, it was real fun, a fun exercise. They gave us fifteen minutes, well my friend said he was gonna turn his in fifteen minutes. So me and him were like, yo, I bet can take the best, the flyest, pictures in the city in twenty minutes, say i’m doing anything. I know all the great sights, so that’s when I went around and took all these pictures real quick. Yeah, I’ve been here all my life. That was the building my mother opened up a business here. The City of Dothan gave her that building for a dollar. It was Human Resource Development Corporation but know it’s SEACAP, Southeast Alabama Community Action Partnership and I volunteer up there. But the same actual division and the mission and the function of the building is the same.

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