Ozark City Giants – Honoring Our Community by Celebrating the Past

Ongoing through June 1, 2019
City of Ozark

Who do you know that has made a significant contribution to the  Agricultural, Arts, Business, Education, Government/Public Service, Military, Religion or Medicine/Health growth of our city? We will unveil winners for each category at our Bicentennial Gala this December. The gala will be an important time for our citizens — past and present — to honor those individuals who made Ozark what it is today. Nominations can be made from April 1 through June 1, 2019. Once the nomination process is complete, a panel of local citizens will review the nominees and select a winner for each of the eight categories. Please email ozarkcivicgiants@ozarkalabama.us for information on how to nominate.

As a celebratory ending to the City of Giants Event, Ozark is hosting a  Bicentennial Gala, “Honoring Our People Gala” on December 14, 2019.

The honorees will be inducted into the Ozark Civic Hall of Fame.The Gala will be held at the Holman Mansion on Broad Street on December 14, 2019. It is the culmination event for all of our Bicentennial activities, as well as the event where we will be honoring our winners of this years’ major project, which is the Ozark Civic Giants program.

Photo from Ozark Civic Giants website
Photo from Ozark Civic Giants website

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